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Tips to Improve Your Business Site Security

Tips to Improve Your Business Site Security

Your business’ security isn’t something to be taken lightly, and it isn’t something you can just ‘set and forget,’ either. As your company grows and changes, your business site security may need to be improved. Here are some tips to help you improve your business site security today.


Start with a security audit


Have a professional locksmith audit your business site to see where you’re most at risk of a security breach. Maybe you have missing keys, a broken lock, or too many keys issued to your employees. Whatever the problem is, an audit can help you figure out where to start making the changes you need to keep your business secure.


Engage in key control      


How many of your former employees still have access to your business premises because they never returned their keys? Adequate key control allows you to make sure that only the right people have access to your business site. Regular audits and limited key access (restricted to only certain individuals) may sound simple enough, but they can greatly improve your security.


Update your locking system


While mechanical keys have their place, keyless locks and card-swipe security systems also provide top-notch security and convenience. If you have a receptionist, you might consider a buzz-only entry system that requires visitors to be allowed in when you want, not when they want.


Maintain your locks


They’re used every day, so make sure they’re operating properly. Have worn locks replaced by a professional locksmith and consider having your locks rekeyed if you can’t account for all your keys. This is easier and less expensive than installing new ones, but it can drastically reduce the likelihood of an unauthorized person entering your premises after hours.

Be aware of the state of your security systems and call in a professional locksmith to tackle any repairs or installations. If your locks are installed correctly and functioning properly, you’re on your way to a safer business site.