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Protect Yourself from a Locksmith Scam

Protect Yourself from a Locksmith Scam

Most of the locksmiths you’ll ever encounter are great, professional people. However, there are a few bad apples out there who are only interested in scamming you out of your money. How can you be sure that you’re not getting scammed by a dodgy locksmith? Use these tips to protect yourself from a locksmith scam.


Be wary of unmarked vehicles


A reputable locksmith will likely show up in a company van or truck bearing the company logo. While not every unmarked van is a sign of a scammer, it should be a warning sign that you could be dealing with an unprofessional locksmith.


Changing fees


A typical locksmith scam involves quoting you one low price over the phone, then changing the price to a higher number once the locksmith arrives. If you are told that the cost is going to be substantially different than the price you were initially quoted, you’re likely being scammed.


No physical address


Scammers often list an address on their website or phone book listing, but that doesn’t mean they have an actual office there. It’s not uncommon for victims of locksmith scams to find that the addresses are as fake as the locksmiths themselves, so whenever possible, verify that the address listed for the locksmith is an actual locksmith business.


Damage to your car or lock


If a locksmith tells you that the only way to get into your car or house is to smash a window or damage the door, they are likely trying to scam you. Some locksmiths offer to retrieve keys from your car by smashing a window, charging you a small fee for their ‘service.’ They’ll then try to charge you a much higher price for using a tool to pick the lock, saving you damage to your car, but costing you a great deal more.


The easy way to avoid locksmith scams


The easiest way to avoid becoming the victim of a locksmith scam is to know who you can trust in the locksmith industry. Find a reputable locksmith before you need one and keep their number in your phone or car so you’ll always have it with you and you can protect yourself from scam locksmiths wherever you are.