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What to Do If You Return to a Home That You Suspect Has Been Broken Into

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What to Do If You Return to a Home That You Suspect Has Been Broken Into

It’s one of your worst nightmares–you come home from work, school, or shopping to find that your house looks wrong. Maybe it’s a wreck, or maybe you notice one or two things out of place or missing. Whatever the situation, your gut tells you that your home has been broken into, and you don’t know what to do about it. Don’t panic–here’s what to do in this situation.


Stay calm


Don’t rush off to try and catch the person who broke into your home. Likely, they’re already gone, but if they’re still inside your home, they could be dangerous. Instead, call 911 and wait for the police to come. While you’re waiting, try to avoid touching objects in your house so you don’t destroy any fingerprint or DNA evidence that could be left behind by the thief.


Make a note of what’s missing


While the police investigate your home, make a list of the things you think may have been stolen. It’s a good idea to keep a list of your valuables so you can check them off as you locate them in your home. You’ll need the list of missing items for your insurance company if you plan on filing a claim.


Look for the point of entry


You may be able to spot the point of entry, especially if the intruder caused any damage. However, some thieves are very good at breaking and entering homes with little evidence of how they got in. Older locks are easily picked, older windows may be pried open with a little force and a simple tool like a screwdriver. The police should be able to tell you the most likely point of entry into your home, then you need to do something about it.


Call a locksmith


After the police have gone, call a locksmith to beef up your home security. Repair or replace old locks, get locks installed on your windows, and consider installing a home security system so you can be alerted if anyone tries to gain access to your home without your permission.


Pop-a-lock knows the best way to secure your home after a break-in, so contact us to find out how to make your home more secure.